Ammarnäs - the heart of Vindelfjällen

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The village Ammarnäs today: 
Ammarnäs lies in Swedish Lapland in the county of Västerbotten and in the rural district of Sorsele. It is the eastern portal to the nature reserve and the eastern entrande to the Royal Trail (Kungsleden) towards Hemavan. This is a natural starting point for both short and long hikes. Here lies the county council´s information center about Vindelfjällen; Ammarnäs Naturum.

Ammarnäs is situated at the foot of the mountain Ammar. It is the most authentic and genuin mountain village in Västerbotten. The village is on the foreland between the River Vindel´n and the creek of Tjulån with a population of about 160, one third of whom devote themselfes to the traditional occupation of the Laplanders; reindeer husbandry. The village is located beautiful by lake Gautsträsk, this is the lappish word meaning bowl. The mountains surround the lake and village like a bowl hence the name. In the delta landscape there is cultivated "raningar"; a type of flooded meadows.

Ammarnäs is widely known for its rich vegetations and animal life. Ornithologists, many of numbers, and from all over the world, pay their visit to the village. well established institutions are doing research-work in the Ammarnäs area.

Reindeer husbandry and tourism are the most importent commercials. Today Ammarnäs has a hotel, an inn, hostels, a couple of cabin villages, one researche station, nature room, a gasolin station and a food store. A large and appreciated ski slope, prepared snow-mobile -and cross country skiing tracks, beautiful trekking paths, tourism with Icelandic horses, dog-sledding -and fishing -and hunting tourism.

The history:
There is much evidence that the Sami people have migrated with the reindeers, from the winter grazing areas nearer the coast to the summer pastures in the Ammarnäs mountains, for many hundres of years.

In 1821 two Lapplanders recieved permission to settle at Övre Gautsträsk (old name of Ammarnäs), but they were not able to keep the terms and passed the settlement onto Mårten Ersson. But only after a few years, in 1826, a new owner took over. Nils Johansson was the first one to cultivate the land and he is regarded as the first pioneer in Ammarnäs.

The postal station was founded in 1895 and the village, wich up to then, was known as Övre Gautsträsk changed name to Ammarnäs - "the foreland between the rivers". 

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