Reservation rules

All activities, tours & offer will hereafter be referred to us as tours. All bookings made with Ammarnas fells Icelandic horses (hereinafter referred to us as business or we). All information on the website is, to our knowledge, accurate at the time of publication.
Upon booking, you must fill out and send back a booking form + pay a first installment of: 500/750 alt SEK 1000 / person, depending on tour, within 10 days, to be sure your seats remain. Installment we call henceforth registration fee. Would you be late with a payment we can not guarante your places, you should contact us to secure seats before paying up. NOTE a row. exclusion of payment of the registration fee does not constitute cancellation of the tour, this must still be made in writing. See below. If no cancellation is received is considered the reservation is still valid (even if no payment has been made) and the requirements will be imposed on you.

We do not send any confirmation of payments made, but your payment counts as confirmation. After your payment is paid the entry fee, only pays back under the conditions in Section 4. The remaining balance payment should be in our account no later than 2 days before the tour starts. (NOTE: The cancellation fee is controlled by the other days... see sect. 4) For bookings made less than 20 days before the tour starts, payment must be made in full within 10 days, or no later than the day before the tour starts. You must be at least 18 years as booking manager. After your booking we will send a "contract" for signature + invoices. If we can not accept your booking your money will be refunded immediately. We reserve the right to refuse bookings.
We will retain your registration fee until full payment is made. The remaining payment should be in our account no later than 2 days before the tour start. Late bookings can be accepted and the invoice shows the last payment date. Would not the payment be received before the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without refund of entry fee. All payments are in Swedish kronor, all other currencies are extra. Gift certificates are paid in 20 days & non-refundable. In cases where the cash payment to be made, we refer everyone to download the app SWISH.  
If you wish to make changes to your tour, we will make every effort to accommodate them, but we can not guarantee that it is possible. If the change you wish to be feasible but differs significantly from the basic reservation, a sum of 300 SEK to apply, to cover administrative costs, etc. When expanding the tour will even these possibly costs. Desires for changes must be made in writing via e-mail (or letter) of the booking manager.
Any cancellation must be in writing. SMS will not be accepted. Date of received e-mails or letters received will determine the cancellation date and cancellation-fee. It is the customer's sole responsibility to notify the account where possible refund to be. The cancellation fee is expressed as a percentage of total cost / registration fee. The cancellation fee is the following:
• Cancellation ....
- 0-14 days prior to the tour start 100% of total cost
- 15-60 days before the tour start: 100% of registration fee
- 61 -> days before the tour start: 50% of registration fees
- The approval of a medical certificate: cancellation fee of 300 SEK is not refunded
Cancellation upon presentation of approved medical certificate can always be made. A fee of 300 SEK will be charged. Commenced but by the participant aborted tour will not be refunded ..
It is rare that we have to make changes to the tours, but we plan trips many months in advance and sometimes perhaps changes need to be made, and we reserve the right to make these. Most of these changes are of a minor nature and we will send you as soon as the changes are made. We are not obliged to pay you any compensation for these changes. A minor change is any change whatsoever except a big change which is defined as below.
When a change is a major change we will inform you as soon as possible. You will then have the ability to accept change by selecting a different tour (and if there is a  tour to lower cost, we will refund the difference), or take back the reservation and you will obtain a full refund. Substantial changes are when the minimum number of persons / tour is not met or a serious illness/injury of the trip leader, you will be notified as soon as possible, or force majeure. Force majeure is unusual and out of our control, the consequences of which neither we nor our suppliers could avoid or be held accountable. Examples of force majeure: war or threat of war, riots, terrorist activity, strikes, natural disasters, fire, unnaturally high water levels in rivers or other similar events beyond our control.
Many of our tours are not suitable for all persons with severe disabilities or medical problems. Please ask us if in doubt. If any customer suffering from any disability or medical problem that might affect the implementation of the tour, they must notify us in writing before the final payment is made. We reserve the right to refuse any booking and charge the cancellation fee, pursuant to paragraph 4, if this information is not submitted, we reserve the right to refuse further bookings if we can not satisfy some customers' special needs. NOTE We exclude no one from our tours, contrary to, but we should be contacted if there is uncertainty regarding a specific disability, etc.
As a condition of participating in our tours is that you accept the local guide or tour leader decisions while you are participating in our tours. If any of the participants' health or behavior, before or after the start, can damage or degrade the safety of other participants prosperous can this be excluded from further participation in the tour. All costs incurred due. above are paid by the participant himself. Should any person be excluded from any toyr, he/she does not have grounds for complaint or get a refund. In case of illness during the tour, we will make arrangements that we feel are best for the participant and the cost of this is the participant's responsibility. You should be aware that our tours are adventurous and may involve a degree of personal risk. These include personal injury, property damage, illness, inconvenience or uncomfortable resemblance. You must comply with Swedish law, anyone abusing this can lead to expulsion from the tour continued without any refund and without any requirement of the company.
The type of tours we offer requires flexibility and must be allowed option if necessary. The program for each tour must therefore be seen as indicative of how every trip can be done, not as a mandatory requirement of the company. The final decision on the application design and implementation rests with the local guide. It is understood that the rotation may be subject to changes without any explanation, depending on local circumstances or events. We can not guarantee sightings of wildlife. We condemn any collection of species from its natural habitat. Photography is allowed, however, attempt to disturb wildlife as little as possible.
We are responsible for the tours is done so well, qualitatively and safely as possible. We can not accept responsibility for the following circumstances:
a) if the error or  improperly conduct lies with the customer.
b) whether the fault lies with the other travel / adventure organizer that clients participate in, in close conjunction with our arrangements. ex. travel to our events.
c) liability for loss or damage of a pecuniary nature.
d) unusual or unforeseen event beyond our control.
We have completed a travel guarantee with Kammarkollegiet and liability insurance through an insurense company (Trygg-Hansa)
Remember to take out accident insurance prior to departure. Note that riding is at your own risk. For guests who live outside of Sweden bring your European Health Insurance Card in case you get sick and need medical treatment.
13. IMPORTANT: Cleaning of equipment:
Boots, riding wear, etc. must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before arrival Ammarnas fells Icelandic horses. This is because infectious diseases can easily be brought to us, which would represent a great danger to the horses. Riding clothes washed in the usual manner. Shoes, leather stuff and the like, and rubber boots are washed and sprayed / rinsed with iodine or other disinfectant topic.
14. YOUR EQUIPMENT: on overnight trips:
1-2 pairs of long underwear, 1-2 change of underwear, socks, T-shirts, one thick sweater (preferably wool sweater), 1-2 pairs of thick socks, sports bra (women), sports underwear (men) and rain pants and rain jacket (windproof ), comfortable clothes for the evening, after riding, cleaning products (small packages), towel, gloves, scafes ev. cap., Water Bottle max 33 cl, Swimwear Hot Tub, Sandals or small lighter shoes, insect repellent if necessary. sunscreen, sunglasses, Ev. allergy medicine, blister plasters. Do not forget to tell us about any food allergies, Mountain map (AC2), EXTRA SNACK between meals for example. candy, nuts, raisins.
Riding in:
Riding-pants alt. softer pants. (remember that the inseams can chafe). Rain Boots alt. waterproof / warm boots.
In addition to this, you should have with you:
The River Vindel´n tours & Weekend / holiday ride in Ammarnas:
     Linen or sleeping bag. (in autumn sleeping bag is recommended)
3 Day Mountain Trial Ride to dauta lake:
     Sleeping bag: to cope -5 degrees but we recommend - 10 degrees.
Ammarnas fells Island Horses provides:
Riding helmet, sleeping mats, 1 pc. 50 liter pack roll + 1 pair of saddlebags (will also house food) included