• Mountain Riding in Sapmí Lapland

Mountain Riding in Sapmí Lapland; Sweden

Fannar with reindeers in the background. Photo: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar

Riding in the mountains


On our tours , you will discover the Icelandic horse brave, courteous, confident and lively way. The Icelandic horse has an unusually good mind and an incredibly lovely charm that most people appreciate very much and many are thoose who discovered ..... " once you have ridden an Icelandic horse - then you are hooked for life ..... "

During the tour, you and the horse together experience the glorious canters over large mountain expanses, tranquil walk in your own meditative thoughts, a spiritual healing, a fantastic mountain adventure and a rapprochement with nature on nature's terms.
We ride along the unregulated river of Vindeln, through meadows with high herbs, on alpine heaths and we have fabulous views over the peaks, of 1300-1400 m asl

Before the tour, you will be assigned your "own" horse that you take care of the whole tour. During instruction, you will buff hooves, brushing the horse and saddle the horse yourself.. and before the tour is over, you are entirely self-sustaining ......

Some of our events are approved by Nature's Best - an ecotourism certification that, among others, Ecotourism Association and Visit Sweden are behind. Our arrangement was approved in 2003 and the arrangements that are approved are marked with their symbol:

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