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  • SÌTAR FRÁ YTTRE DALSGERDI born 1990 (chestnut) Gelding

Sitar has no known meaning, but we think it means "the Indian music instrument sitar"

Sitar was our 1st horse and he is imported directly from Iceland. In the fall of 1994 he stepped ashore in Gothenburg harbor after one week trip by boat from Iceland. He then made travel by truck transport to Ammarnas. Sitar was saddle domesticated but no more. We ourselves have trained him. Sitar is incredibly smart and has since he came all the time trying to prove he's smarter than us ..... which he certainly is .... :)
Sitar is a 5-runner but we ride him as a 4-runner. He is determined and riders have to be even more determined and confident. He can be ridden by anyone but as a beginner he takes over and doing as he pleases ..... basically ...... eats and select the gaits he wants.


Photo: Rebecca oskarsson
Photo: Rebecca Oskarsson
Photo: Rebecca Oskarsson
  • VINA FRÁ ARBAKKA born 1988  (black with white star) Mare

Vina means "friend"

Vina was our 2nd horse bought in 1996, when she was 9 years old. She was purchased from Stockholm but was born on Iceland. Vina is a very nice horse that does everything for her rider, but is very sensitive and no beginners horse.
She is 4-runner with and nice tölt, trot and canter. Her walk is fast and not many other horses keep up with her pace. Only experienced rider can ride Vina. She is wise, brave and smart and perfect as a leading horse and she can be trusted in all contexts. Vina had a foal before we bought her (Amadeus) and we have a foal after her and the stallion Siggi frá AS. (Hrekkur)


Photo: Rebecca Oskarsson
Photo: Rebecca Oskarsson
Photo: Rebecca oskarsson
  • FLUGAR FRÁ FJALLI born 1988 (brown with black tail) Gelding

Flugar means "aviator"

Flugar was purchased in 2002 from, a former Icelandic-horse company in Ammarnas. But he was born on Iceland. He then became our 7th horse. Flugar is the perfect horse and anyone can ride him, both children, adults, experienced as unexperienced riders, and everyone likes him, unfortenattelly he has become old and is more stiff than in younger days. Flugar normally has good gaits and is 4-runner. Flugar was BFF with Sletta (see in memory...). 


Photo: Rebecca Oskarsson
Photo: Rebecca Oskarsson
Photo: Rebecca Oskarsson
  • HREKKUR FRÅN HEDEBO GÅRD born 2001 (mouse-black) Gelding

Hrekkur means "the one who makes mischief"

Hrekkur is homebred, and the mare is; Vina, and he became our 8th horse. The stallion was named Siggi frá Ås and was 1st class horse from Norway but reside outside Umeå. Hrekkur is not a beginner horse when he is tough, confident and eager to decide, in spite of this, he is kind and quite responsive.
Hrekkur are 5 pedestrians but we ride him as 4-runner. He has good basic gaits, but require their riders.  


  • MOSART FRÁ HELLISHOLUM born 1994 (black with white nose) Gelding

Mosart has no known meaning.

Our 9th horse was purchased in 2003 and Mosart was found in a village "next door". Mosart is kind ... but on his own terms. If you demand too much of him, he can be really moody. He does not like to work in the paddock but to go on tour in the mountains suits him better. Mosart is 4-runner and has a wonderful short canter, but requires a little more skilled rider to cope tölt.


  • FIDLA FRÁ GUDMUNDARSTÖDUM born 2001 (silver brown pinto) Mare

Fidla means "Violin"

Fidla became our 10th horse and she was purchased in May 2009 directly from Iceland. She is kind, forward and can be quite hot at times. Fidla is sometimes a "sullen mare". She was saddel domesticated and a bit ridden when she came to us. Fidla is 4-runner with easy trot and canter. She has dificulties with tölt.


Photo: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar
  • BLIDA FRÁ SÖLVHOLT born 2009 (vindott) Mare

Blida means "the gentle, mild-mannered"

She was our 11th horse that we bought. She is after Glitri frá Reykjakoti, ee Thokki frá Gardi. Blida was scared upon arrival at us but is now very sociable and kind. Blida seems to be a brave and forward horse that is not thinking so much of dangerous things. Blida is under breaking and is really good. 

Photo: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar
Photo: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar
  • OFEIGUR FRÁ SVALBARDI born 2003 (chestnus with blase) Gelding

Ofeigur means "Survivor, Brave"

Ofeigur came to Sweden and us in the middle of March 2010, along with Blida. Ofeigur becomes our 12th horse. Ofeigur is after Hjörtur frá Hindisvik and away LAD frá Svalbardi. Ofeigur is incredibly easy going and flexible in land management. He is very social. He was saddel domesticated and ridden a few months in Iceland. Ofeigur is very kind, responsive and forward, however, yet no beginner horse because of his young age. He has very easy step in trot and very fluid bed at a gallop but harder for tolt ... it is there but needs to be trained up. 

Photo: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar
Photo: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar
  • GLÓI FRÀ NUPAKOTI born 2004 (Chestnus) Gelding

Glói means "glowing"
Glói came to Sweden and Ammarnas in early June 2011, our 13th horse, but the first time was not quite as we had hoped. He got sick the day after arrival and snot and coughed something terrible. Most likely a reaction to air-condition, extreme heat and conversion. It took close to a month before he was so healthy that he could begin ridden. And the introduction of the other horses also had to wait, and not until September, he could totally be in with all the other horses ..... a long and arduous introduction was then finally over.
Glói was initially timid and uncertain in humans but has toughen up more and more. In the beginning, he had only one gait ...... "pig-pass" but trott and gallop came pretty quickly. Tölt, a few steps from time to time and with more practice he will get a great tolt. He has big and floating gaits. His weakest side are enterprising spirit that is not always there, but we must work on. 

Photo: Ann-Louise Jansson
Photo: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar

Photo: Rebecca Oskarsson If nothing else is noted.