Winter riding i Sapmí Lapland

Foto: Gunnar Wikström

Horses and winter fit together ........ Enjoy a wintry weekend adventure on horseback with riding lesson, outdoor rides, hot bath in a sauna or if you'd rather wish it; a bath in the wood-fired hot tub, you're welcome to book up to it. Additional price will be added for hot tub.
Decide to arrive 1-3 days before and do other activities. ex. fishing, go snowmobiling, slalom/snowboarding or cross-country skiing...... Please e-mail for more information.

Extended holiday:
 Arrive on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Please e-mail for more information.

Arrivel to Ammarnäs in the evening. Overnight i additional accommodation on Hedebo farm or equivalent lodging. No meals are included.

Saturday:                                                                                                                             We spend time with the horses between 10 o.clock and ap. 14 o.clock. Sandwich-lunch is included. After the ride it´s nice with a warm wood-fired sauna at Hedebo farm. Accommodation on Hedebo farm or equivalent lodging. 



Halfday tour on icelandic horses between 10-13. Coffee/tea is included. Cleaning and departure.

Foto: Gunnar Wikström

År 2017


Departures: Friday-Saturday
Week 13: 22/4 - 24/4
Week 14:   7/4 - 9/4
Week 16: 21/4 - 23/4

Departures: Thursday-Saturday 
Week 15:
13/4 - 16/4   PRICE: 3.950 SEK/person   


 Basic Price: 2 950 SEK / person incl.
* Horse riding according to program
* Accommodation in single 3 (4)-bed cabin or equivalent lodging.  
* Sandwich lunch (1)
* Coffee/Tea and cake (1)
* Wood-fired sauna (1)
* Additional: hot tub: e-mail for price.


   Rules / Requirements riding:
* Age; from 10 years
* Max: 95 kg
* Moderately physics.
* Minimum people per tour: 

As a rider you shuld....

* Have some riding experience is helpful but not required.
* After instructions you should be able to groom, sadle etc