Ride the free River of Vindel´n -  

early summer or late autumn

Experience an early summer or a late fall riding adventure on our Icelandic horses. It is a 2-day ride running along the river Vindel´n on gravel road and soft, sandy small paths to a small pioneer camp from the late 1880s. The camp is along the river Vindel´n just below the steep mountain slope. We’ll spend a night in the old cottage with good food and a warming fire. The next day we’ll return to Ammarnas where we’ll have a soak in the
wood-fired sauna with a grandiose view over the mountain tops.. So it is a perfect ride for ALL ..... even for those who are inexperienced riders, but always wanted to ride on longer tour with overnight. 


We do a riding adventure up along the valley of the river Vindel´n, among newly-green trees and flowers. All around us lit mountains still almost completely white. The contrast with the clear blue sky can be pure awesome.

We travel in the valley of the river Vindel´n, among the rest of the autumn leaves and the mountain peaks just powdered with snow. The air is clear and sparkling and the autumn night is cold and dark, maybe if we're lucky, the night sky lit with twinkling stars. 



Arrivel at Ammarnäs in the afternoon/evening. Check-in between 3-8 pm.You spend the night in assigned accommodation at Hedebo farm. (Meals are not included.)



We start at 09.30 am against the old pionee´s place; Aitelnas viste, a very old and small cabin (communal dormitory). Aitelnas viste lies in the mountain valley, very beautiful under the steep slope of Aitenastjåkke and along the shore of the river Vindel´n.The fine sandy beaches welcome you to try a dip in the crystal clear (and cold), shimmering green mountain water. Breakfast (prepare on one´s own), lunch and dinner are included in the basic price.
17 km / 3 - 3½ hours in the saddle.



After a well-deserved night's sleep we eat breakfast and then we turn back to the valley and Ammarnas. It is a return ride so we arrive back to the village in the afternoon. We make a stop for lunch. After the ride it feels good with a warm sauna to relax tired bodies. Cleaning and departure or choose to stay extra. Breakfast (prepare on one´s own) and lunch are included in the basic price.
17 km / 3 - 3½ hours in the saddle.

Additional accommodation / night: Choose to book extra nights before or after the riding-tour. 
No activities included, want help with finding extra activities to do - please contact us. Cleaning and departure. Breakfast (prepare on one´s own) is included.

Photo: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar
View from Hedebo cottage. Photo: Ann-Helene Rönnberg
By the riverside at Aitelnas. Photo: Annlouise Jansson
Photo: Rebecca Oskarsson

Year 2020

Ride the free River of Vindel´n - pre summer or late fall

Week 23:  4/6 - 6/6   

Week 39: 24/9 - 26/9  

               Rules to participate:

* Agelimit: from 10 years or after agreement

* Max: 95 kg

* Need to be in medium-good physical shape.

* Minimum/Maximum persons per tour: 2 / 4.


As a rider you should....
* Have some riding experience is helpful but not required.
* After instructions you should be able to groom, sadle etc


Basic price:  Ride the free river of Vindel´n early or late...  3.150 SEK / person incl.

* Ridingtour according to programme:
* Accommodation in the village at Hedebo farm  (1)
* Accommodation in the mountains (1)

* Wood-fired sauna
* All meals during activities

  - Breakfast (2), Lunch (2), Dinner (1)


* Only simple outdoor toilets are available on this tour.
* We share common sleeping cabin in the mountain.

Additional price for accommodation.
Cottage from 400 SEK up to 900 SEK/cottage