Mountain Ride to Dauta Lake.

A special extended day trip, staying before and after at Hedebo Farm, but is only performed at 3 booking guests,. and then we ride up to the mountain "Björkfjället" and the Lake Dauta and then back again to Ammarnäs.

We start our adventure riding from the village Ammarnas out to Hedebo farm which gives you a chance to get to know your horse from the farm, before we’re off on an extended day tour. The tour is a special variant, which means that we first drive the horses in horse trailer towards Höbäcken / Biergnes (NOTE 2 turns) and then we ride up the mountain "Björkfjället". Once on the mountain we can take rides exploring the beautiful terrain and continue on up to Dauta Lake. Up the mountain, the views are huge and the expanses enormous ..... Around Dauta, the terrain is flat and nice and made for lovely canters. After lunch we’ll head back to Ammarnas and end our ride. We’ll finish with a hot tub and barbeque dinner on Hedebo farm.



You arrive to Ammarnas and Hedebo farm in the afternoon (no later then 5 pm), where you check in.  In the evening (about 18-19 hours) we start with a short ride with the horses through the village out to Hedebo farm, where you stay the night in assigned accommodation. Meals are not included.
(4-6 km / 30-45 min in the saddle.)

Self-served breakfast in the cottage. We meet at 9 am and drive the horses in the trailer towards Höbäcken and then as far as we can, the road is steep so we do not drive all the way towards the Biergnes reindeer corallWe start our ride up the mountain lake Dauta. The ride goes through pine forest, birch forest and up to the bare mountains. Once up on the mountain and especially around lake Dauta the terrain is perfect for a canter. And more perfect for a canter is the lake Dauta beach. Although the beach is not particularly wide, it's a wonderful experience that many appreciated. After lunch we will continue on the mountain for a while before we begin our journey from the mountain and back to Ammarnäs. When the ride is completed, it's nice to relax with a wood-fired sauna and dinner at Hedebo farm. You spend the night on the farm. Breakfast, lunch & dinner are included in the basic price.
25-30 km riding / 6 hours in the saddle

Self-served breakfast in the cottage, 
is included. Cleaning and departure. Please check out before noon. 


7Year 2018

Departures: Mountain Ride to Dauta lake

Week 27:    6/7 - 8/7:
Week 32: 10/8 - 12/8:
Week 34: 24/8 - 26/8


To participate....
* Need to be in good physical shape.
* Max weight: 95 kg.
Able to gallop....
* Mini/Maxi: 3 participants

* After instructions: able to groom, saddle etc

* You are minimum 12 years

• Basic price: 3 250 SEK / person incl.
* Riding tour according to programme
* Accommodation in the village (2)
* Bath in a wood-fired sauna
* Horse with packing equipment
* Riding guide
* Riding helmet for borrow
* Fullboard during activities
 Breakfast (2), Lunch (1) & Dinner (1)

* Possible to book more days - email for more info

* Only simple outdoor toilets are available on this tour.