Hole and Halfday tour:

Holeday tours:


Day trip to Guvertfjället and to STF's ( swedish tourism association) mountain cottage Aigert. There we eat a sandwich lunch and have a break approx. 1 - 1½ hours. During the day we ride through several different plant zones and as we ride through high-flower beds with specific mountain flowers (Fjälltolta och Fjällkvanne), they proudly stands around. 1½ meters high. The tour starts at 9 am, but we meet approx. 08.45, and ends at around 4 pm.
about 20 km / 5 - 5½ hours in the saddle

PRICE: 1.550 SEK/person incl.
           Day-charge in Aigertstugan, Sandwich and hot beverage.

>>The great Eaglesnest tour: (long or short tour) (Örnnästet)

Forest rides along Lake Gautsträsk up to the old culture-marked mountain settlement "Örnbo". But before we arrive Örnbo we make a detour to Örnnästet (eagles nest) for a staggering view. A new trail to this view-point has been made in 2013-2014. We ride / walk close to the steep rocky wall so for the one with acrophobia it feels in the belly.
Örnbo is high and incredibly beautiful between rocky walls and with stunning views of lake Gautsträsk and mountains. Here people lived in roadless land until the 1950's.

PRICE: 1.450 kr / person (from about week 24 to about week 38)
               Sandwich and coffee / tea / chocolate are included.
               9 am - 4 pm / 17 km
               1.050 SEK/person (week 20-23 and week 38 until end of season)
               Sandwich and hot beverage
               10 am - 3 pm / 11 km

Halfday tours:


Forest rides along Tjulån up to the old residence Routatje. The old meadows with its old hay barns at Routatje have been restored and a gallop after these meadows is a wonderful experience. On the way back we wade over Tjulån, if the water level allows it. The trip varies between 3-5 hours depending on where the horses stand when the trip starts, but usually during the summer, the trip takes 3 hours.

Start time: 10 am, but we meet approx. kl. 09.45 in the horse pasture.
ca. 6 -7 km / 2-½  hours in the saddle

PRICE: 3 hours: 850 SEK / person. (From midsummer to about week 38)
               Coffee / tea / chocolate and cake included
               10 am - 1 pm / 6-7 km
               5 hours: 1.050 SEK / person (--> midsummer + from week 38 until the end of the season)
               Coffee / tea / chocolate and sandwich included. 
               10 am - 3 pm / 11 km


>>Little or Big Örnbo:

Forest riding along the lake Gautsträsk up to the old mountain settlement "Örnbo". Örnbo lies high and incredibly beautiful between rocky walls with stunning views over lake Gautsträsk and mountains. Here you lived in untidy land until the 50's. Start time: 10 am, but we meet approx. 09.45 in the horse´s pastuer
16 km / 4 - 4½ hours in the saddle
8 km / 2½ - 3 hours in the saddle

PRICE: 4 hours: 1.050 SEK / person (--> midsummer + from week 38 until the end of the season)
               6 hours 1.350 SEK/person (midsummer - week 38)


Natures Best
Foto: Calle Bredberg
Foto: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar



Foto: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar



Foto: Ammarnäsfjällens Islandshästar
• Departures:

  - Look under Riding schedule

DIFFICULTY (scale 1-5):
* Lilla och Stora Örnborutten: 1
* Tjulåsvängen 3
* Little & Big Eagle Nest: 2
* Aigertturen: 4
  • To participate in the tours:

* No riding experience is necessary, accept on the Aigerttour.
* Age limit: from 10 years or by agreement
* Max 95-100 kg
* On the Aigert tour good physics, good self-confidence, a little
   riding experience is required.
* You have average physics



* Riding helmets are available for lending in sizes 53/54 up to 59/60.
* Personalized packet bags come with the horses
   (for example, your rainwear, water bottle etc.)
* If you wish to book accommodation before / after the ride, this can be arranged - say upon booking* 




* Rainwear, water bottle max. 33 cl, ev. sweets / snacks, hot jacket
   or shirt depending on weather conditions.
* Boots to ride in + soft pants