• Herb Hiking on Horseback



Herb hiking on Horse back!

On the lush alpine meadows and mountain birch forest there are many fine medicinal plants that are rare in the south. There we find the wound-healing blood root (Potentilla erecta), rose root (Rhodiola rosea), that gives us more strength and queen of plants - Fjällkvanne (angelica archangelica).

During theese three days you meet these and many more healing herbs, in an inspiring environment, that can be used both acute towards inconvenience sores, urinary tract infection, abdominal pain and fatigue, or collected and processed into really fine skin care products.


You arrive to Ammarnas and Hedebo farm in the afternoon, where you stay the night in assigned accommodation. Meals are not included.
(4-6 km / 1 hours in the saddle.)

We start at 9 am against the old pionee´s place; Aitelnas viste, a very old and small cabin (communal dormitory). Aitelnas viste lies in the mountain valley, very beautiful under the steep slope of Aitenastjåkke and along the shore of the river Vindel´n.The fine sandy beaches welcome you to try a dip in the crystal clear (and cold), shimmering green mountain water. In the afternoon, we go on a hirb hiking and collect some plants that we use as an accompaniment to food. Breakfast (prepare on one´s own), lunch and dinner are included in the basic price.
17 km / 3 - 3½ hours in the saddle.

More herb-school in the morning. We're talking specifically about plants for skin care and collect plants that we will use in the preparation of skin care products at day 4. After a well-deserved lunch we turn back to the valley and Ammarnas. It is a return ride so we arrive back to the village in the afternoon. We make a stop for lunch. You spend the night at Hedebo farm. Breakfast (prepare on one´s own) and lunch are included in the basic price.
17 km / 3 - 3½ hours in the saddle.

Herb school with kitchen of skin care products, at 9 am to 3 pm. We boil shampoo with birch and angelica, skin cream with scales cover and an ointment for sprains and muscle soreness with arnica and juniper. Lunch is included. Overnight in Ammarnas, on Hedebo farm, in the shared accommodation.

No activities included. Cleaning and departure. Breakfast (prepare on one´s own) is included.


Alexandra De Paoli is herbal therapist and journalist, known from television programs and radio as "Örtskolan" and "Strömsö", News papers and Swedish radio.

She has spent a lot of time hiking in the mountains and is deeply fascinated by alpine plants and their strong healing power.

In a lively and accessible manner she shares with us her deep herb-knowledge and her loving relationship with nature.
Learn more about Alexandra.


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Kvanne (Angelica archangelica) - fjällvärldens bästa grönsak, bra mot förkylning och magont
Blodrot (Potentilla erecta) - en fenomenal blodstoppare och sårläkare
Mjölke, mjölkört eller rallarros (Chamerion angustifolium) - god till te och som grönsak
Rosenrot (Rhodiola rosea, tidigare Sedum rosea) - en prestationshöjare som hjälper dig att orka hela turen

Price herb hiking on Horse back: 5 620 SEK/pers incl.

* Ridingtour according to programme:
* Herb Hiking 
* Accommodation in the village (3)
* Accommodation in the mountains (1)
* Herb School (1) with herbal therapist Alexandra Di Paoli
* Compendium (1) and herbal products (3) 
* All meals during activities
  - Breakfast (1), Lunch (3), Dinner (1)



Price Herb school with herb products 750 SEK/pers incl.

* Herb school with herb cooking (1) with herbal therapist
* Compendium (1) Herbal products (3)
* Lunch (1)
* Programme: look at day 4 
NOTE: No accommodation is included

Max: 6 pcs (can only be booked on the program: "herb hiking on horse back" is implemented)


Departures 2015

Week 27: Cancelled 


Mini: 6 st

Max: 6 st


Price: Cottage / Hostel from: 250 SEK/person

  NOTE! For this tour, special booking conditions are applied.

- Registration is binding and for notification to be considered valid, the course fee to be deposited in bg.nr: 209-6220 no later than the
   date of the invoice (payment terms 30 days or 14 days before the course starts).  

- Full refund will be given unless the mini number is reached or if the tour is set.

- The registration form (available simultaneously with the invoice) sent to:
   Ammarnasfjällens islandshästar, Nolsivagen 100, 924 95 Ammarnas alt. e-mailed to helenaifrig@ridiammarnas.com